The Life of a Landscaper

Posted By Karen on Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

There are so many advantages, and only a few disadvantages, to being a landscaper.  To begin, let’s start with the advantages.  I am one of the healthiest people that I, or anyone else that I am acquainted with, know, living and/or dead.  I attribute my uber healthy mind and athlete’s body to always being outside, all day and every day.  The fresh air is good for plants, animals, even humans.  We were not meant to live indoors, but to be outside and one with nature as the Almighty intended for us to be.  

Working outside builds character, just like my father always taught.  My dad is the smartest man I know, or probably will ever know.  As kids, we were always outside, even when it was hot enough to grill a steak on the driveway or cold enough to reenact the ice licking scene from A Christmas Story.  This helped mold me into the perfect image of physical health that I am today. Unfortunately, as I become older, I’ve started to be a source of recommendations rather than the person for the job.

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Working outside builds both physical strength and a sense of mental endurance.  It pains me that I cannot come to my friends and neighbor’s aid when they need the help of a passionate landscaper.  Physical strength comes from knowing that I can still lift anything that I need to, and mental endurance comes from knowing that I can survive in any situation that life should throw my general direction. Unfortunately, landscaping is just such a time and effort consuming job that I cannot do it day in and day out anymore.   

So I can keep maintenance up in my own yard, and I offer advice and support as I can for my neighbors, but I always turn to someone else now for the heavy lifting and long-term projects. I keep active with my dogs and my friends, but I can’t do any more than that and I’m happy to have retired. I’ve taken up planting as many non-invasive tropical plants as I can possibly fit in my garden, and watching them grow is like having children again. I love the nurturing role that those plants give me and I’m excited to show them off to my friends who come and visit me. I’m finding old age to be a quite pleasant experience, and I attribute it to my time spent as a landscaper and my current attempts to stay in shape.

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